All-in-One Corner Algae Scraper

All-in-One Corner Algae Scraper
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  • Item #: CS0303
  • Manufacturer: inTank
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inTank All-in-One Corner Scraper


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Credit card, meet the Lamborghini of scrapers - -  First of it's kind scraper can reach almost every type of surface you encounter in any aquarium.  The largest problem with AIO aquariums is cleaning the corners.  Magnetic cleaners only do flat surfaces and razor blades do not work well on round edges.  This scraper will allow you to easily clean rounded corners!  It also does all flat surfaces, fast.  It will handle 90° angles yet not touch the silicone with it's dedicated 90° corner.


  • (3) different corner radius sides
  • (1) 90° angle diamond ground side
  • (8) diamond ground edges for flat areas
  • Safe on glass and acrylic
  • 3 x 3-1/2"
  • Powers through hard and coraline algae
  • Color varies

All flat sides are diamond ground for a sharp yet safe edge.  You can use the scraper in any angle, in any position, and any hand grip.  Safe on acrylic and glass aquariums. 


 90° Side                                                                 Round Side #1


Round Side #2                                                            Round Side #3



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Limit one unit per customer per order.  Value of order must excede $120 USD before shipping, taxes and after discounts.  Scrapers are inventoried and can not be added after the order is invoiced and paid.

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