BioCube 29 Package Deal

BioCube 29 Package Deal
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  • Item #: BC29 Bundle
  • Manufacturer: inTank
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BioCube 29 Package Deal

For Oceanic Biocube

Package deal includes:

Save money by purchasing all products together.  See individual proudts for details.

Important: The fish saver will not work with new design black water directors.  It will work with all clear water directors which are included in this package.



  • Q:  Why no package deal for the Coralife Biocube?
  • A:  Our fish saver is designed for the Oceanic Biocube.  The Coralife Biocube has a taller rear wall and no fish saver is needed.

Package deal is sold as is and can not be parted with other items inTank sells like the skimmer cup.  This is our  package deal for the BC29 and we can not make custom package "deals" for specific orders.   

  • Fits Oceanic Biocube and Oceanic Biocube HQI models, fish saver used on models with a lower rear wall.

 inTank, what do you suggest for a setup of the media basket?

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Includes water direction piece




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