Prodibio BIOKIT Reef- 30 Vials

Prodibio BIOKIT Reef- 30 Vials
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Prodibio BIOKIT REEF - 30 Vials


BIO DIGEST: digests organic waste and clears the water by reducing nitrates and phosphates.

BIOPTIM Salt Water avoids trace-element and micro-nutrients deficiencies, speeds up the work of purifying bacteria and the production of enzymes needed to remove waste.

REEF BOOSTER: nutritive complements for corals provides a range of essential enriched nutritive elements. It favors the development of invertebrates, including hard corals for which a supplement of micro-plankton is necessary. It nourishes and maintains the bacteria on living stones.

IODI +: helps corals adapt to lighting variations, stabilize their coloring. By neutralizing excess oxygen produced by zooxanthellae in the case of excessive lighting and helps fight whitening.

STRONTI +: provides strontium, an essential element that stimulates the growth of hard corals and clams and the production of red calcareous and encrusting algae that transform the décor into live rocks.

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