Red Sea 55W Dual 10,000K/Actinic PC/T5 Lamp

Red Sea 55W Dual 10,000K/Actinic PC/T5 Lamp
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  • Item #: RS40251
  • Manufacturer: Red Sea
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Red Sea 55W Dual 10,000K/Actinic PC/T5 Lamp

MAX high intensity lamps have been designed specifically for the MAX range of coral reef aquariums, and provide the intensity and spectrum required for sustained coral growth. Also referred to as magical because of their special shape and size. You can grow a wide variety of corals with these lamps.

You should replace MAX lamps approximately every 7-9 months, and only genuine MAX lamps are recommended. The RSM hood takes two (2) lamps to do a full change.

MAX 130, 130D, C-130: 55w T5 PC High Output lamps. These lamps are shorter than standard length 55w lamps in order to make them suitable for the MAX 130 & 130D. High output 50/50 10,000k / Actinic lighting provides the ideal spectrum and intensity for great coral growth.

Lamps fit the RSM 130, 130D and C-130. They are PC connections with T5 sized tubes. Lamps should be replaced every 7-9 months. If you do not replace them you will have more algae growth on the glass, your corals will grow slower and the colors will not be as vivid and bright. Each RSM takes (2) bulbs.

To replace remove the splash cover by unscrewing the black plastic screw pins. Pull the lamps (qty 2) out by their plastic ends. Replace as they came out. Make sure lamps are in the 4 pin connectors tight and the clips are around the tubes. Wipe anywhere you touched the glass lamp. Clean salt creep off the splash guard with fresh water. Put the screw pins back on tight so the gasket has a good seal. Use a pliers if they are hard to remove.


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