Red Sea Max Adjustable Surface Skimmer

Red Sea Max Adjustable Surface Skimmer
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  • Item #: RS40287
  • Manufacturer: Red Sea
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Red Sea Max Adjustable Surface Skimmer

We all know the water level in the RSM 130 needs to be below the top of the molding to surface skim correctly.  This is the solution to raising your water level higher.

Easy-to-fit and highly effective Surface Skimmer improves surface waste removal. Clever design increases the rate at which surface water is pulled into the filter to remove dissolved organic waste, surface film and dust. Fully-adjustable surface skimmer also helps improve water flow through the filtration unit. The MAX Surface Skimmer is supplied standard with the MAX 130D and is available as an upgrade for the original Red Sea MAX aquarium system.



  • Attach the Red Sea MAX Surface Skimmer to the filter comb by inserting the teeth at the rear of the Surface Skimmer into the slots located towards the bottom of the filter comb.
  • Slide the Surface Skimmer upward (1-2 cm).

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