Sybon Style Salinity ATC Refractometer

Sybon Style Salinity ATC Refractometer
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  • Item #: RF_CT_RFAR
  • Manufacturer: Sybon
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Sybon Style Salinity ATC Refractometer

Frustrated of your inaccurate swing-arm hydrometer? Throw it away and get the results you have been asking for.

Highly accurate refractometer comes in a convenient foam padded hard case for safe storage. Featuring the same accuracy as more expensive models, this optical device provides a direct reading of specific gravity and salinity in water. Requires no batteries and automatically compensates for temperature (ATC).

  • Easy to calibrate
  • Adjustable eyepiece
  • Large pipette
  • Calibration screw
  • ATC, compensates automatically to temperature changes
  • Hard foam lined case
  • Dual scale, 0-100 ppt salinity and 1.000-1.070 specific gravity
  • Microfiber cloth included

inTank recommends calibration with 53.0 mS solution. Typical reef aquariums run their salinity constant at a level between 1.024-1.026.  Calibrating with pure water is not 100% accurate.

Use this calibration solution for accurate results


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