Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155

Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155
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  • Item #: 3155
  • Manufacturer: Tunze
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Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155

The Osmolator® - short for Osmotic Regulator - provides this in one easy-to-install complete Kit. Only the Osmolator® provides the level of safety and reliability that comes with 25 years of TUNZE® know how.


  • An optic operated mini sensor recognizes the water level precisely.
  • Displays all functions optically and sounds a signal in case of failures.
  • New Magnetic Sensor mount, so easy to use!
  • Redundant security: the main sensor is a proprietary optic sensor. Should that fail a safety float switch shuts the unit off and sounds an alarm. Even if that fails safety circuitry shuts off the pump after 10 minutes.

The Osmolator® will be supplied with low voltage metering pump, mounting magnets, tubing controller and power supply. You only need a reservoir and water!


  • Metering pump capacity: 2.95ft: 13.74gph, 4.92ft: 12.42gph, 6.56ft: 7.13h, Hmax: 7.22ft
  • Ready for mounting with power supply unit, metering pump, hose, sensor holding device.
  • Metering pump capacity: 0.9 m: 52 l/h, 1.5 m: 47 l/h, 2 m: 27 l/h, Hmax: 2.2 m
  • The precise water level is ensured by a non-wearing optical sensor and a transistor switch without any moving parts. This sensor is insensitive to soiling, light or magnetic fields.
  • Its “automatic eye” recognizes the water level precisely; even small waves or level variations cannot irritate the unit.
  • An independent safety sensor with a separate power supply circuit and relay control ensures reliable overflow protection.
  • An electronic time controller and current limiter for the pump connected result in a higher operational safety. This unit protects the metering pump against running dry and reports an empty storage container.
  • All functions are clearly displayed by LEDs; safety messages are also indicated by acoustic signals.
  • The osmotic regulators are all operated at safety extra-low voltage.
  • 110-240 volts USA Plug

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format


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