Alternative Reef Nano Magnetic Reef Shelf

Alternative Reef Nano Magnetic Reef Shelf
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  • Manufacturer: The Alternative Reef
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Alternative Reef Nano Magnetic Reef Shelf


The Alternative Reef is well known for it's ultra-high quality handmade ceramic frag plugs and aquascape solutions.  This reef shelf is no different, it represents the growth and innovation from years of experience.  The nano magnetic reef shelf can offer your reef aquarium a super custom look, it can be mounted to the side or even on a rear chamber wall.  Handmade in Wisconsin each station is personally sculpted insuring it becomes part of your aquascape.  The included epoxy coated magnets are water tight, the outside magnet is included and can be placed outside of the aquarium or inside under water!  The porous ceramic becomes part of your aquascape and biofiltration, looking just like your live rock over time.

Includes ceramic reef shelf and soft epoxy coated magnets.  Magnets are embedded inside the station and the opposite magnetic disc is also included.


  • Handmade and sculpted ceramic custom frag station
  • Includes coated magnetic outer disc
  • Outer disc can be mounted outside of the aquarium or underwater
  • Can hold up to 3/8" thick glass/acrylic
  • Can be placed on aquarium wall or false wall/filter area
  • Becomes part of your aquascape
  • Provides an ultra-custom look that is adjustable for many applications

Reef Shelf is approximately:

  • 6" Long
  • 4" Wide
  • 3" to 1-1/2" Thick

Magnetic Disc is approximately:

  • 1-3/8" Wide
  • 1-1/4" Deep

Because of the handmade quality of this item, each unit is has a similar but individual look




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