AquaClear 110 Media Basket

AquaClear 110 Media Basket
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  • Manufacturer: inTank
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AquaClear 110 Media Basket

Turn your AC110 into a powerful HOB filter by just dropping in this Media Basket!

The Aquaclear 110 Media Basket features a large amount of space for various kinds of media.  It can even accommodate a protein skimmer with the shelf removed.  It forces water through each chamber with it's specially designed hole pattern.  Water is forced through filter floss to create a crystal clear aquarium that is detritus free.  It forces water so well that media can actually tumble in it's bag!  Can accommodate (2) 100W Hydor heaters to bring them out of the aquarium.  One shelf on the unit is removable so you can create a very large chamber for media or macro algae.

  • Filter floss holder, can change floss without removing basket
  • 4 media shelves, one is removable
  • Huge amount of space
  • Easy to change media
  • Can fit (2) Hydor 100W heaters
  • Black front to block media from view of tank
  • Fits Tunze 9001 with shelf removed
  • Heater hole size: 7/8" or 22.4mm

Install Notes: See pictures below

  1. You must turn off the filter before inserting or removing the basket.
  2. Filter floss can be changed without turning the filter off but it is recommended to keep detritus out of the aquarium.
  3. There is a tab on the base plate that the intake tube rests on. This must be removed with a razor or similar tool for the basket to fit into the filter.


Q: Water is flowing over the intake tube, is this normal?

A: Yes!  The Media Basket forces water through media, not just up over the top like with the stock setup.  It tracks water through a dedicated path which puts needed backpressure on the incoming water.  This backpressure allows a certain amount of incoming water into the basket at a time. This amount depends on the type and size of media you choose to put into the basket.  The filter has a built in overflow around the intake tube and water spilling over it is nothing to worry about.  The filter is still circulating 100% of the water through the basket very quickly.






Cutting of the Tab:

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