Boyd Chemi-Clean Liquid 2oz

Boyd Chemi-Clean Liquid 2oz
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  • Manufacturer: Boyd Enterpirises
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Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Clean Liquid 2oz

Liquid formula.  Easier to use and a larger supply!


An inTank favorite!  After a temp probe failure we almost lost our reef tank.  During it's recovery red slime algae and cyano appeared.  One dose of Chemi Clean and the tank was 100% clear the next day! 


The famous Chemi-Clean! Chemi-clean removes red, black, blue-green and methane (bubble) producing algae from marine aquariums. It’s completely safe for use in all reef tanks, invertebrates, desirable macro algae, nitrifying bacteria and fish.

Cynobacteria is usually encouraged with the presence of nitrate and ammonia, which are both fixed forms of nitrogen. Chemi-clean helps clean and remove this problem algae through its own unique process. Most other red slime removers use purely antibiotics, namely erythromycin to take care of the algae. The use of such substances with in your aquarium can have disastrous effects upon your nitrifying bacteria and cause your tank to crash, killing the inhabitants of your aquarium.

The use of chemi-clean not only as a problem solver, when red slime is present, but as a regular maintenance procedure will help keep your water crystal clear and your tank free of unwanted cynobacteria.

For best results, turn off UV sterilizer or Ozonizer and Protein Skimmer. Remove Chemi-Pure or Carbon Filtration for 24 hours following each treatment. Use an air stone to promote oxygen exchange in the aquarium.

It is advisable to do at least a 20% water change after full treatment.

  • Treats up to 720 gallons(2725L)
  • Clarifies aquarium water to crystal clear
  • Contains no phosphates, algacides or erythromycin succinate


Simple to Use Instructions*:

  1. Remove all chemical filtration (Chemi-pure, Chemi-pure Elite, carbon, etc.)
  2. Turn off protein skimmer, ozonizer, uv sterilizer.
  3. Use air pump with an airstone for upkeep of oxygen. THIS IS CRITICALLY  IMPORTANT
  4. Use one drop per gallon, wait 48 hours. It is imperative that you take into account water displacement of sand, rock and filter when dosing!
  5. Perform a minimum 20% water change, then add back your chemical filtration (Chemi-pure, Chemi-pure Elite, carbon, etc.) and let filter run for 24 hours.
  6. Turn on protein skimmer, ozonizer, uv sterilizer. Repeat if necessary starting with step 1.


*Disclaimer - inTank or Boyd  are not liable and cannot be held responsible for improper use of Chemi-clean.


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