Boyd Chemi-Pure Elite 6.5oz Bag

Boyd Chemi-Pure Elite 6.5oz Bag
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  • Item #: ELITEHALF
  • Manufacturer: Boyd Enterpirises
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Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Elite 6.5oz Bag

Boyd's Chemi-Pure is a superior chemical media.

The Elite version of Chemi-Pure has a phosphate remover. This size bag is perfect for a nano under 20 gallons. Adds a nice blue tint to your water. Removes organic waste including coral toxins. Helps remove phosphates, nitrates, nitrite and ammonia. Helps keep pH at a consistently safe range. inTank runs Chemi-Pure Elite in all their media baskets and all products are designed to fit this bag on the lower shelf.

The Elite version of Chemi-Pure has a phosphate remover. Product comes in a mesh bag. Rinse for a few seconds under tap water, black tinted water coming out is normal and you do not want to remove it for more than one minute. Product comes slightly wet. Chemi-Pure Elite is unlike cheap carbon and will last 3-4 months in your aquarium. Keep bag free of detritus by having all incoming water hit filter floss first.

A single 6.5oz bag treats up to 20 gallons

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