Brightwell Aquatics NanoCode A, 500 ml

Brightwell Aquatics NanoCode A, 500 ml
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Brightwell Aquatics NanoCode A, 500 ml

Balanced Major, Minor, and Trace Element and Buffer System for Nano-Reef Aquaria

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  • Part of a complete system for simplifying and maintaining proper water chemistry in
    very small (e.g. “nano”) reef aquaria.
  • NanoCode A provides calcium, potassium, and strontium in aragonite ratios, enhanced
    magnesium (relative to the aragonite ratios), and non-conservative minor* and trace
    elements in natural seawater ratios.
  • Used in conjunction with NanoCode B, promotes stable water chemistry and improves
    rate of biogenic aragonite formation.
  • Contains no phosphate, silicate, or organic material.


*Due to the nature of iodide and the manner in which it interacts with organic material, it is unsuitable for indiscriminate
dosing. As such, iodide is not present in NanoCode A or B. Regular partial water changes with a quality salt mix, or direct
supplementation with an iodide solution, will achieve adequate, controlled dosage of iodide in small reef aquaria.


Instructions and Guidelines

Basic: Shake bottle well before using. Add 5 ml (1 capful) of product per 10 US-gallons of aquarium water daily or as needed to maintain the calcium concentration within a range of 412 - 450 ppm. When used in this fashion, 250 ml treats up to 500 US-gallons (1,893 L). When used in equal amounts with NanoCode B, the calcium and carbonates being added are in the same ratio found in natural seawater. Do not mix NanoCode A & B in the same container; this will cause the active components to precipitate and become ineffective. Allow 60 seconds to pass between dosing NanoCode A & B.

Advanced: Determine the calcium concentration in the aquarium using an accurate test kit before supplementing. Shake bottle well before each use. Each ml of Brightwell Aquatics NanoCode A will increase the concentration of calcium (“[Ca2+]”) in 1 US-gallon (3.785 L) of water by approximately 11.9 ppm. If the initial [Ca2+] in the aquarium is below 412 ppm, add this product at the maximum rate of 5 ml per 10 US-gallons daily until the desired calcium concentration is attained, then dose daily or weekly as needed (see below). Note that each aquarium has different requirements for calcium and carbonates (which largely constitute Alkalinity or Buffering Capacity, hence pH-stability); therefore, it is not uncommon for unequal amounts of NanoCode A & B to be required for obtaining and maintaining the desired calcium concentration and alkalinity. To determine the daily dosing rate for calcium maintenance: estimate the volume of water in the entire aquarium system; divide the daily decrease in [Ca2+] by 11.9; multiply this number by the volume of water (US-gallons) in the system to get the daily dosage required (ml) to maintain a stable [Ca2+].

Caution: May cause eye or skin irritation. Flush with water for 15 minutes if in eyes, seek medical attention if irritation persists. Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

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