CAD Lights 18 Media Basket

CAD Lights 18 Media Basket
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  • Item #: CAD18MR
  • Manufacturer: inTank S&C
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CAD Lights 18G Mini Media Basket

please check sizing first, CAD has different designs


The Cad Lights 18 Media Basket transforms a long deep boring filtration area into a powerhouse.  No more using your arm as a fishing pole.  The basket features a three shelf design with the middle shelf removable.  It includes a water direction piece to allow water to flow nicely from the intake grates into the media baskets top shelf.  It is four sided to force water through the media, with a removable door for easy maintenance.


  • Fits in chamber one, the intake chamber
  • Includes water direction piece that hooks onto the intake grate
  • 3 shelf design
  • Convenient built in handle for easy installation and removal
  • Removable middle shelf
  • Removable door to access media
  • Top shelf designed for filter floss, do not need to remove basket to change
  • Made of high quality acrylic CNC laser cut and assembled in the USA
  • Fits CAD Lights 18G Mini
  • 15-1/8" Tall
  • 3-11/16" Wide
  • 3-7/8" Deep


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