CoolWorks IceProbe Chiller with Power Supply

CoolWorks IceProbe Chiller with Power Supply
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  • Manufacturer: Nova Tec
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CoolWorks IceProbe Chiller with Power Supply

The IceProbe is the ideal cooling solution for small aquariums. This quiet, reliable, and efficient chiller uses advanced thermoelectric technology to directly covert electricity into cooling power.

With its threaded probe, nylon nut, and silicon washer, the IceProbe, can be easily bulkheaded through a 1.25" hole into siphon overflows, prefilters, sumps, or even directly into acrylic aquariums.

A single IceProbe can cool 10 gallons of water 6-8F below ambient air temperature in a standard aquarium. Multiple IceProbes can be used in a single aquarium to achieve higher temperature differentials.

The IceProbe provides continuous chilling power. A separate temperature controller must be used to turn the the device on or off at predetermined temperatures.

Weighing in at only 2 pounds, the IceProbe® is powered by a separate 12 volt D.C. power supply and draws less than 50 watts.


  • Efficient: converts electricity directly into cooling power
  • Reliable: the fan is the only moving part
  • Easy to Install: one hole, one nut
  • Safe low voltage operation
  • Environmentally Friendly: no gasses or chemicals
  • 1-year manufacturer`s warranty from purchase date


  • 50 Watts of cooling power
  • Compact size
  • Easy bulkhead installation
  • Quiet, efficient & reliable
  • Optional temperature controller
  • 110 - 240 AC Volt to 12V DC transformer with USA Plug
  • Ice Probe
  • 7-1/2 ft Power Cord



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