DISCOUNT - REPAIRED - Fluval M40 Media Basket

DISCOUNT - REPAIRED - Fluval M40 Media Basket
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  • Item #: SCM40MR
  • Manufacturer: inTank S&C
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DISCOUNT - Fluval M40 Media Basket

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With this inTank Media Basket your filtration will be maximized while sustaining it for years to come.  Sliding under the intake channel this basket will stay in place while it forces water through all the media with its 4 sided design.  It is easy to change filter floss as the basket does not need to be removed.  The basket features a removable middle shelf, increasing media and refugium options.  When it comes time to maintain the media the basket easily slides out and with the removable door access is couldn't be easier. 

The basket has a brilliant design allowing it to lean up against the false wall.  This means more water enters the basket improving filtration and keeping the rear chamber more clean.


  • Made of high quality acrylic CNC laser cut and assembled in the USA
  • 3 shelf design with built in handle
  • Tilted design keeps basket under intake for maximum water capture
  • Removable middle shelf
  • Removable door to access media
  • Top shelf designed for filter floss, do not need to remove basket to change
  • Fits in intake chambers, slides under intake channels
  • Room left next to media basket for a heater
  • Provides many media options
  • Fits Fluval M40
  • 13" Tall
  • 2-15/16" Wide
  • 3-3/4" Deep


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