Fluval Evo 12 / 13.5 Media Basket

Fluval Evo 12 / 13.5 Media Basket
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  • Item #: FL12MR
  • Manufacturer: inTank
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Fluval Evo 12 - 13.5 Media Basket

Maximize and upgrade the filtration in your Fluval Evo 12 - 13.5 aquarium.  The stock filtration is very limited and dirty which risks your live stock.  inTank Media Baskets greatly improve filtration by keeping the rear chambers cleaner, forcing water through media and make changing a breeze without having to insert your hand into the rear chamber.  Using the stock surface skimmer turned around will act as a water director and surface skimmer!


  • Keeps rear chambers clean and promotes clear water
  • Installs in chamber one
  • Four sided to force water through media
  • Three shelf design, middle is removable
  • Built in finger hole for easy removal
  • Improves flow track and makes filtration easy
  • Fits Fluval Evo 12
  • Fits Fluval Evo 13.5
  • 11-1/4" Tall
  • 3-9/16" Wide
  • 2-3/4" Deep 


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