Fluval Spec and Evo 5 Surface Skimmer

Fluval Spec and Evo 5 Surface Skimmer
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  • Item #: FLSSS
  • Manufacturer: inTank
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Fluval Spec Surface Skimmer

The inTank Fluval Spec Surface Skimmer allows you to properly surface skim your aquarium, removing surface film buildup.  The stock design of the intake grates pull more water from lower down in the water, leaving ugly and harmful surface film on the water's top.  This piece is fully adjustable, made from a flexible plastic that holds it's position once locked in.  Simply insert into the intake grate, place around the Media Basket's wall or use on it's own.  Bend the tabs inward to lock into place. 

You can adjust the depth of the piece further if needed.  It features laser etched lines to easily cut with a common scissors giving you a custom amount of water to enter the intake area.


  • Made from a high quality flexible plastic
  • Matte black
  • Laser etched cut lines for customizing already included
  • Adjustable up and down
  • Included with Media Basket
  • Purchase on it's own
  • Fits Fluval Spec, Fluval Spec III and Fluval Spec V


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