Nano Cube 28 Stay Hold

Nano Cube 28 Stay Hold
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  • Item #: NC28SH
  • Manufacturer: inTank
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Nano Cube 28 Media Basket Stay Hold

Lost or broke your stay hold? Purchase a new one here. Keeps the basket tight against the false wall to allow for maximum water flow into the shelving. Increases filtration by forcing water through media, not just around it.

  • Includes stay hold of your choice
  • Ships 1st class mail, cheap! 

Choose between a stay hold that snaps over the molding lip or one that snaps over the rear wall of the aquarium.

Newer Nano Cubes that do not have a lip on the molidng will need the unit that snaps over the rear wall.


Newer Nano Cube over rear wall:


Older design, over lip:





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