NanoBox Large LED Retrofit Kit PLUS

NanoBox Large LED Retrofit Kit PLUS
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  • Item #: NB57343
  • Manufacturer: NanoBox
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NanoBox Large LED Retrofit Kit - Plus


The solution for your tired, old, weak, non-programmable, non-networkable lights is here.  Upgrade your worn out power compacts to the 21st century while proving more light for corals, and more importantly the hood.  Keep the hood on your all-in-one but own an extremely powerful controllable LED light.  Want more control over your T5 or metal halide?  This is the answer.

NanoBox has hit the nail on the head with this high end kit!  Featuring an on-board Bluefish controller you can program the lighting to fit your exact needs, and easily set them up and control right from your phone.

Large Kit Plus - 

  • 2 - NanoBox V3.1 Arrays
  • 1 - Heatsink 
  • 1 - Fan
  • 1 - NanoBox Driver Board
  • 1 - Bluefish Mini 
  • 1 - 48v Power Supply & AC Cord 100-240 volts USA Plug
  • 1 - Wiring, screws and misc parts
  • This Plus version includes 4 channel dimming
  • Moonlighting: Set Royal Blue channel to 0.5%


  • LED Type: Luxeon T, Rebel ES, SEMILED. Luxeon C
  • Voltage: 48v 2A - 2.8A 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hrz
  • Max Coverage: 30"x18"
  • Limited Manufactures Two Year Warranty


Q: Moonlighting: Can you create a moonlight or do I need to purchase the "Plus M" Model?

A: You can set the ROYAL BLUE channel on this Plus Model to 0.5% at night for the same effect!


Tools & Parts Needed -

  • Screw Driver or Drill
  • Snips or Wire Cutters
  • Razor or Dremel tool for cutting fan slot
  • Two 4-40 04 6-32 screws and nuts for mounting
  • iOS or Android Device

What can I keep under this kit?

  • Softies
  • LPS
  • SPS
  • Clams
  • Anemones

Perfect for All-In-One aquariums including Biocube, NanoCube, Red Sea Max, Aquapod and more!





Service, help and replacement parts 

Bluefish Manual

Support Forum 

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