Red Sea Max 130/D Pump Upgrade KIT

Red Sea Max 130/D Pump Upgrade KIT
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  • Item #: RS1001
  • Manufacturer: inTank
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This kit includes everything you need to upgrade the stock filtration flow in the Red Sea Max 130/D aquarium.  Almost 30 gph more than the stock filtration output.  This kit will also eliminate the issue the stock pumps present.  They are mounted at the top causing the pumps to starve when there is evaporation or a strain on flow from filter floss, media, or sponge.  These pumps are staggered in the chamber much lower down than the stock pumps.  Say goodbye to bubbles and hello to more flow!  120 Volt only.


  • (2) 160 gph pumps (115V, 60 Hz)
  • 320 gph total output
  • (2) hoses to stagger pumps
  • (2) hose clamps
  • Installed 90° elbows
  • Installed male bushings
  • Direction sheet
  • Cord length 6' each
  • Fits Red Sea Max 130 and 130D
  • Parts only, no pumps HERE

Why it is better:

  • Increases filtration and overall flow in the aquarium
  • Places pumps lower in chamber to eliminate starving them of water
  • Easy to install
  • All parts are included shipped to your door

On 220 volts?  Just need the parts?  Click HERE

FAQ: Do you sell the nozzles?  No sorry not any more.  Red Sea has discontinued them.


Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format









inTank, LLC is not liable for electrical parts in this kit.  Any item that plugs into an outlet is warrantied by the branded manufacture.


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