Red Sea Max C-130 / E-170 Media Basket

Red Sea Max C-130 / E-170 Media Basket
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  • Item #: RSMC130MR
  • Manufacturer: inTank S&C
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Red Sea Max C-130 and E-170 Series Media Basket

back in blue anniversary edition


Upgrade the filtration in your Red Sea Max C Series 130 and E Series 170 with the inTank Media Basket.  Installs in the chamber to the right of the protein skimmer.  This basket is HUGE with tons of room for media options.  Specially designed filter floss tray allows for easy changes without removing the media basket.


  • 3 shelf design with integrated handle for easy removal
  • Works with existing protein skimmer
  • No modification to tank needed, installs through access lid
  • Vertical filter floss section
  • Black front to block possible media view through transparent false wall
  • Large area for media and macro algae
  • Remove stock low quality basket to install
  • Installs in new or existing aquariums without removing the hood
  • Change filter floss without removing basket
  • Blue shelves to celebrate the original inTank Media Basket
  • Fits C Series 130
  • Fits E Series 170 (inTank will saw cut 1/4" off existing basket)


Install with black side of basket facing the front of tank

C-130 Basket:

  • 19-1/8" Tall
  • 3-3/4" Wide
  • 3-3/16" Deep

E-170 Basket:

  • 19-1/8" Tall
  • 3-1/2" Wide
  • 3-3/16" Deep

Because Red Sea made some E-170 version tanks with less wide filtration chamber baffels our existing stock may not fit.  We will cut down the basket 1/4" less wide so you can upgrade your filtration.  Just choose the drop down option.








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