Rimless Nano Cube 8 Media Basket

Rimless Nano Cube 8 Media Basket
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  • Manufacturer: inTank S&C
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Rimless Nano Cube 8 Media Basket


The JBJ Rimless Nano Cube 8 Media Basket will improve the filtration in your aquarium.  The Basket features a three shelf design to hold various types of media.  Installs in the center chamber and hangs on the chamber walls.

The unit includes a water direction piece that hooks onto the surface skimmer grate.  This will allow the majority of the water to enter the media basket.  The stock set up does not include a water channel which will not allow enough water into the basket.  We have fixed this!


  • Huge size vs stock basket
  • Three shelf design
  • Features a handle for easy install/removal
  • Includes water direction piece
  • Sliding door for access and to force water through media
  • Installs in center chamber
  • 11-1/8" Tall with rear wall
  • 4-5/16" Wide
  • 5-3/16" Wide with handles
  • 2-3/4" Deep


Includes Water Director:




  • 1/8" thick
  • 87 mm wide outside edge to outside edge



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