Seachem Purigen 100mL in Bag

Seachem Purigen 100mL in Bag
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  • Item #: SEA_165
  • Manufacturer: Seachem
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Seachem Purigen 100mL in Bag

Use a 100ml bag in any size nano aquarium. Perfect for the smaller shelf on any media basket that inTank produces.

Premium synthetic adsorbent removes soluble and insoluble aquarium impurities. Purigen is a macro-porous, synthetic polymer that removes proteins and a broad spectrum of organics at a rate and capacity that exceeds all other chemical filter media by over 500%. Controls ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate, by removing nitrogenous organic waste materials. Seachem Purigen also significantly raises redox to improve aquarium water quality and clarity. Exhaustion is indicated by discoloration.

Basically it will absorb waste and organic waste in your water. Purigen does not input into your tank like Chemi-Pure so we recommend using both if you have the room. Product comes in a convenient mesh bag. Replace every 3-4 months.

A 100 mL bag of Purigen purifies and polishes up to 100 gallons of water. Purigen is designed for both marine and freshwater use.



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