Seachem SeaGel 100mL Bag

Seachem SeaGel 100mL Bag
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  • Item #: SC00650
  • Manufacturer: Seachem
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Seachem SeaGel 100mL Bag

SeaChem SeaGel is an efficient blend of MatrixCarbon and PhosGuard. SeaGel removes organic and color impurities, phosphates, silicates, toxic metals and acids. Both components are bead shaped for optimum water flow characteristics. SeaGel is ideal for reef and marine aquarium use, particularly for algae control. It may also be used in freshwater that is not phosphate buffered. Marine or freshwater use.

Superior phosphates remover AND has the beneficial power of activated carbon.


Comes prepackaged in convenient bag! Perfect size for the smaller aquarium and is ready to use.

100 mL treats up to 30 gallons. Rinse in freshwater before use. Use caution, since product will fizz and heat on initial wetting. SeaGel™ will function 3–4 months.


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