Value Pack - Poly Filter Floss

Value Pack - Poly Filter Floss
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  • Manufacturer: inTank
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Aquarium and Pond Filter Floss -- Value Pack -- Bonded Blue and White Poly Pads 600 Square-Inches

World's favorite filter floss thousands of sheets sold every month!

Save money by purchasing this famous filter floss as a value pack! Includes three full sheets for an extended supply.

An inTank secret poly material unlike any other on the market. Catches detritus yet allows for the maximum amount of flow. Thicker than other similar poly filters available so you use less. No more doubling or tripling up, use one or two squares on the top of your basket. A very generous amount last a long time with normal use. Cut to fit for your tank.

Cut to fit the top shelf of your inTank media basket or other filtration area. inTank recommends water hitting white side first. Never reuse/rinse and always replace when spent. Every tank is different and inTank recommends 1-2 cut pieces per use.


  • Filter Floss
  • Approximately 1"-1.5" thick (dry before packing, varies by batch)
  • 10" wide 20" Long
  • 600 square inches total
  • Includes 3 sheets
  • Install white side up

What does filter floss do?  It prevents this from entering your display, rear chamber or sump:

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